The "old" one, two packs a punch!

Direct mail, and a telephone call - a winning combination

Direct mail, and a telephone call - a winning combination

Since GDPR came into force earlier in the year, sales and marketing teams have been taking a close look at which channels now best suit their needs in getting their message across.

E mail marketing in particular has seen a number of changes, and for many their preference as been to revert to the “old” one, two!

Yes that’s right Direct Mail, followed up with a phone call.

There’s no doubt that a delivering a nice crisp jab with a carefully crafted, engaging direct mail piece, followed by the powerful right cross of a professionally delivered phone call can be a knockout combination (sorry couldn’t resist it)

But seriously, don’t know about you, but at Data That Counts, we’re very likely to open a direct mailer, whereas an e mail is unlikely to grab our attention half as quickly.

So, as you are looking at campaign planning, we’d love to help you with a decision maker contact list for your target market, with accurate name and address details, and CTPS compliant phone numbers for that all important telemarketing team follow up call.

Why not complete the Contact Us form on this website and we’ll be in touch to help.

Alternatively, give us a call on 0333 355 3615 and tell us who you’d like to be on your list.