Q: Where is your data sourced from?

Data That Counts is partnered with the UK's leading B2B data provider, a multi industry award winning Company established for over 30 years and leaders in the field of B2B marketing. This means that we have live direct access to the largest and most comprehensive business contact databases currently available in the UK. We have built our commercial relationships over the last decade, and can assure our clients of only the very best in terms of data quality.

Q: What checks are carried out to ensure data quality?

The data pool from which we source your contacts undergoes a rigorous and extensive updating and cross referencing process to ensure that as far as is possible the contact information released is the very latest available. 700,000 checks are carried out monthly, and each company contact goes through 40 quality filters before being cleared for release. All lists meet every legal requirement as far as marketing legislation and GDPR is concerned and in the case of telephone numbers, every one is pre screened against the CTPS/TPS Registers.

Q: What options are available?

We can supply lists suitable for mail, telephone and e mail campaigns. Your contact list can be built using  a wide range of filters including geographical area, sector, size of company by employees and turnover, and job title of decision maker.

Q: How long can I use the data for?

Various licensing terms are available for both single and multiple use. We'll advise you on exactly what type of license will best suit your needs.

Q: Why Data That Counts?

Everything we do is straightforward, and we work hard to keep our Company a jargon free zone. We'll guide you through every step of the way and see ourselves as being your data partner as opposed to just a data supplier. If you win, we win, so we'll listen carefully to what you need and then be determined to supply a list that wins you new business.

Q: Why don't we just source our data direct, surely we'd save money?

Due to the preferential terms we have in place with our partners, the opposite is true. By sourcing your data from us, you'll have access to a completely free of charge data count and reporting service together with as much advice and help as you need. Then, if you decide to buy a list, we can supply it at extremely competitive rates, and our minimum data order volumes are very flexible, unlike larger suppliers where minimum volumes often start at 5000 or more contacts.

Q: How do we get started?

Just get in touch on 0333 355 3615, or complete the form on our contact page.

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